Hola, me llamo Enaitz y quiero llevar la vela desde el mar, hasta la ciudad.

¿Navegas conmigo?

Tras varios años trabajando en consultoría he decidido que quiero estar más cerca del mar que de las pantallas.

“Hi, my name is Enaitz and I want to bring sailing from the sea to the city”.

¿What bout you?

After some years working as a consultant I’ve decided I want to be closer to the sea than from the screens.

Sailing Team Buildings

Event though this webpage was created to start a sailing trips business, it’s purpose has changed.

As we say it in the entrepreneurial world, we have pivoted.

The fact is that I realised that Team Buildings for companies have ended being an evasion activity for the participants.

However, there is actually a great learning opportunity on them.

That’s why I shaped this idea and now I’m working in organising Team Buildings in Barcelona that bring together adventures with learning and personal growth.

¿Would you like to know more?

Sailing team buiding in barcelona

¿How would you like to sail?

I’d like to have two types of sailing trips. One with the aim of disconnecting and relaxing, and another one that focuses on the basics of sailing. ¿Which one do you prefer?

Navega y Relaja


We will just sail and enjoy. With no more concerns, disconnect from your daily stress while you enjoy one of the best sunset.



We will go out to the sea not just to have fun, but also to learn the basics of how a sailing boat works. ¡Become a real sailor!


¿How’s the experience?

The meeting point is in the Port Olimpic of Barcelona, half an hour before the start of the activity. We will meet each other, check the weather forecast and review the navigation plan.

We will also review the basic safety points to take into account during our adventure.

The trips lasts around 4 hours. We’ll have time for everything: sail, chat, relax, meditate even having a swim.

Depending on the type you chose, we’ll sail and practice more or take more time to enjoy the sunset and swim.


I’ll take care of the boat and steer it. You will sail with me, sharing a good time together and enjoying the sea. We’ll learn about sailing, have a swim and have interesting conversations about life. ¿fancy and adventure?

  • Morning: 10:00h to 14:00h
  • Afternoon: 14:00h to 18:00h
  • Evening: 18:00h to 21:00h
  • Morning: 10:00h to 14:00h
  • Afternoon: 14:00h to 18:00h

Meeting Point: Port Olimpic Barcelona

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The sailing trip is planned to have a duration of 4 hours in total, which includes the safety briefings and going in and out from the port.

  • Captain
  • Petrol
  • 4 hours trip
  • Snack

¡Best sailing trip in Barcelona!

The vessels

Get to know the boats with which we will sail in Barcelona.

I have an agreement with a local sailing club which ensures that the boats are in perfect shape to go sailing.

They are up to date with regards to maintenance works and have all the safety requirements according to the law.

¿Why would you sail with me?

In Google you will find so many companies and platforms that offer sailing trips in Barcelona.

However, most of them are focused in tourists, are companies that make a lot of trips or are focused in a “sail and cava” type of trips.

Choosing La Vuelta en Vela you are supporting a local entrepreneurial initiative, that has been born in the very streets (and waters) of Barcelona. It’s a project that takes responsibility and offers a warm and close service. I just invite you to call me and have a small chat before our sailing trip.


This is not just a business idea, but it is based in some of the values that we believe are essential for an entrepreneurial project.


Awareness of the environmental impact and the footprint of our activities.


In relation to what we offer, how we work and how much our services cost. No small print.


A local project that puts all the effort in every trip we do .

¡5% discount!

– Sailing trip in Barcelona –


    Well, there is a lot of information in the webpage but here you have all the details you need to know so everything is clear. If you have any questions, ¡contact me!


    • Sailing Trip: 4 hours of sailing or relaxing in Barcelona.

    • Price: 240€ Captain, petrol and snacks included


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